Brief History

Located in the heart of the oldest and most traditional demarcated wine region in the world, Douro (established by Royal decree in 1757), the Quinta do Côtto estate has 70 hectares of vineyards that are already mentioned in the first documents related with the implementation of vineyards in the Douro valley.

The existing manor house is a large and elegant building from the 18th century, built upon an older building from the 15th and 16th centuries, whose remains can still be seen. There are still some ruins from the Middle Ages in the back of the house, that an old tradition claims to be dating back to the establishment of the Montez family in the region, even before the birth of the nation in 1140.

For several centuries, the estate (Quinta) focused almost entirely on the production of Port wine. Some small quantities of red and white wine were also made but only for family consumption.

In 1932, after the phylloxera disaster had dissipated, the winery and vineyards were modernized in view of producing mainly red and white Douro region wines, as well as Vintage Port, based on the traditional grape varieties but with the latest winemaking methods.

Miguel Champalimaud took charge of the wine production at Quinta do Côtto in 1976, and under his management the Quinta Wine concept was established over the last 30 years to the point where it is now central to Portuguese enology and winemaking.

During this time, and in light of the increasing quality of Quinta Wines, there has been a gradual growth in market and reputation of these wines throughout Europe. This evolution was possible due to the reinforcement of the Quinta Wine concept which has always been led by Quinta do Côtto.

For European wine enthusiasts, a Quinta Wine presently represents a wine produced and bottled in a specific terroir (the Quinta), made and selected with great care by its owner, and a guarantee of quality, personality and authenticity, all of which are indispensable qualities for a good wine to become a great wine.

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