Family French Surname

The Champalimaud surname arrives in Portugal during the 18th century when Brigadier Paul Joseph Champalimaud, a French engineer and officer, is commissioned by the Portuguese Crown. 

His son, General José Joaquim Champalimaud de Sousa Lyra e Castro de Barbosa, was a great hero of the Napoleonic invasions of Portugal and received several important commendations that are mentioned in many military chief dispatches, namely General Wellington. He was also praised in the British Parliament on April 27th, 1812.

The connection to the Montez family occurs in 1824 with the marriage of the General’s daughter to the Squire of Côtto, João Baptista de Araújo Cabral Montez - Lord of Cidadelhe.


Montez Champalimaud, Lda.
Quinta do Côtto Cidadelhe
5040-154 – Mesão Frio

Telephone: + 351 254 899 269
Fax: + 351 254 899 887

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Message from the Producer

Montez Champalimaud is proud to produce high quality wines from the oldest area of the Douro Wine Region (Royal Decree of 1757) based on a policy of consistent innovation, while at the same time remaining faithful to our centuries old legacy in the wine sector.
It is due to the importance of this heritage - that reaches as far back as the 14th and 15th centuries - that Montez Champalimaud feels a certain increased responsibility when it comes to winemaking.
Quinta do Côtto was at the source of a revolution amongst more enlightened producers that swept away old concepts, such as bottling and distributing wines on the markets being something done by third parties.
The 1960s thus saw the birth of the first “Quinta do Douro Wine” - the Quinta do Côtto – that was so successful that it enabled Montez Champalimaud to widen its portfolio, first with the Quinta do Côtto Grande Escolha and later creating a new label called Paço de Teixeiró (white and rosé).
Today, being a “Quinta Wine” is an assurance for the consumer that the wine was carefully produced and selected by the winemaker; in other words, that the wine he has bought has quality, personality and authenticity, characteristics that are essential for a wine to become a great wine.